About us

Who are we?

It is about French people who want to solve problems, to invent solutions that do not exist yet, in order to make the everyday life better. La France s’engage helps project leaders developing their NGOs and promote equality in new territories. La France s’engage is the foundation of social innovation in France. Social innovation is the heart of our action. By social innovation we mean innovations that help society, now.

What do we do ?

When a project wins our selective competition, it becomes incubated at La France s’engage for 3 years. We are, during this time, committed to do three things. First, we give these NGOs the necessary financial means – from €50,000 to €300,000 – to help them exist, to invest and to hire. We help them in their new development everywhere in the country and to implement their NGOs in new territories. Finally, we give our laureates a label that opens a vast network of social entrepreneurs, public actors and private companies.

Our goals

Our goal is to develop projects everywhere in France! To create a social ecosystem combining public sectors, associations and large firms.

Since 2014, La France s’engage has helped 117 projects to accelerate, expand throughout France and become autonomous. They are more than 430 locations where social innovation is helping people every single day.

Since 2014, la France s’engage has impacted society with :

Civic services
New locations

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